Hail, the one who glow the peak of Mountain

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Hail, the one who glow the peak of Mountain,
Hail the one who has powerful glaring rays –
hail you, who is like the wildfire of the forest of grief.
Hey the Sun, kind-hearted, the shining Lord.
The city with royal houses surrounded by huge walls,
after living there, for us, the life here in the forest is not joyful
May that be as it is, Today I have another concern that grows in mind ,
Am conveying that with hope now
The ones keen on staying with us ,
the noble Brahmins, to host them – how could I? 
Please be merciful to me for that


Stage Features: 

Dharmaputra enact padam set to Neelaambari Ragam and Champa cycle of 20 beats per segment at a rather slower pace