Champa 20 mathras


Not just that!, Madhava, surprising!

Not just that!, Madhava*, surprising!
whole battleground covered with- 
cluster of hairpieces of elephants and horses!
(while none were bruised)
Our's Arjuna is indeed a hero!
As the actors start enacting these verses, they perform a specific sequence of steps called 'Ashtakalasam'.
Ashtakalasam is a series of dance compositions in Kathakali performed to express the extreme state of happiness.

Someone so scary


Hanuman, taking the ring in his hand,  evokes Srirama. I am done with half of my work.  Now let me find out the place where  Sitadevi is held captive by Ravana. There are so many beautiful mansions.  Here is a beautiful garden I can see a beautiful river flowing The gentle cool breeze is refreshing Let me see whether Sitadevi is there in  any of these palaces.  Let me search in this palace first. 

Who is this brazenly approaching

Dakshan, after listening to the words of Indra, desired to see Lord Siva and happily proceeded to Mount Kailas. Seeing Daksha approach, the great Nandikeswara thought thus.

Who is this brazenly approaching
this mountain abode of Siva?
To come to Siva’s presence even
Brahma seeks my permission
Is this Vishnu or Varuna or Indra?