PITY! ALAS! The sons of Dhritarashtra

Story Play (Attakkatha): 

At that time, the one who was shivering in anger, the Supreme Lord, with shaking eye-brows, signaling danger to foes, Krishna spoke these words.


PITY! ALAS! The sons of Dhritarashtra have done–

the crookedness– by hearing that  who could tolerate –



The vicious Duryodhanan came – 

with great envy and tied up (Bheema) and

gave poisoned food,

showed various other cruelties – If one thinks! too much – PITY!


No fault of enimies when, 

kinsmen don't feel shame.

The countless fault is mine for sure –

Oh – If I think about it ! extreme  !– PITY!...


Not one are the sins  they have done, and–

if I tolerate them anymore–

soon, I will end up in the forest

eating plants and fruits ! too much!! PITY!...


Thinking about your enimies, why to feel miserable! 

next to you, shall see Sudarshana (Krishna’s weapon) now. 

To kill the enemies he alone would suffice – too much!! PITY!...



[After the padam, Krishna gets up on to the platform with anger and summon Sudarshana.]

Stage Features: 

Sloka to be enacted by Krishna while reciting in Bilahari Ragam.
After the padam, Krishna performs quadra-swift culmination and in anger rises o the seat positions. Scree is held at the back. Next Verse recited in Nattakkurinji Ragam.