To glance at – so pleasure

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Encouraging Panchali by these words, Ganika takes hold of the hand of her, who was keen to worship Durga, entered the thicket spoke thus.
To glance at, so pleasure-giving 
forest – look at it.
Like dark thick cloud, your long curly hair – 
seeing that many beetle come here – and
Hey, beetle-dark haired one, (those beetles) see that,
realizes the blunder and fly away hopelessely.
The bamboos, hear, they play flute –
accompanied by cuckoo’s song –
filled with happiness, remaining here - some
The creepers, disturbed by wind –
dance with their tender body.
This array of strobilanthes plants,
a few flowers, fall and sticks on to your mane - that
Hey blue-tolus-eyed, with joy,
they welcome you here–  feel so.



Stage Features: 

With the completion of the sloka verse, they act as if arrival at the forestry, Lalitha enacts padam.