Dad, I hereby bow on your feet

Story Play (Attakkatha): 


The one who had the complexion of cloud with long stoud arms, he (Ghatothkacha), raising himself, spoke thus to Bheema, his father


Dad, I hereby bow on your feet, May your mercy be bestowed on me

Your mercy be bestowed on me

Faultless Command – May you issue today – hey pure hearted one, to go with mother


Stage Features: 

Ghatothkacha, enters behind the screen, and performs certain warm up movements and prayers.  Followed by Curtain Gaze (Thiranottam) to transmit the mood of the following performance

As the curtain is withdrawn, Bheema is seated on the right with Lalitha positioned behind him

Ghatothkacha enters in a typical movement, called Eduththu Kalaasham and pays homade to Bheema and the latter blesses in return Ghatothkacha gestures – Now, you may please listen properly what I say