May you be blessed


May you be blessed – Hey the famous, valorous great one

The noble one you are – who killed the powerful demon – Now on, we do not have concerns

The most horrible Bakan – You brought death to him – We shall reciprocate with blessing – What else we could do


Woe me! Look at his stupidity



Hearing the ear-piercing roar of Bheema, the egotistic leader of demons, quickly, with fire emanating from eyes, with crooked growls arose and with light from extended molar teeth and with the clouds of the deluge at the end of the world, searching for the source of the noise, proceeds from forest and on the way uttered like this vociferously

Woe me!! Look at his stupidity – Why does he behave like this?

Stomachfull of food you are eating – Stupid!  When my belly is cracking due to hunger!


Hey the king of demons, come



The courageous Bheema, after consuming the food offered by the Brahmins, boarded the vehicle with oxes and filled with foodstuff, made up with red garland and other perfumes, entered the demon’s woods and eating the laatter’s food, challenged him.

Hey the king of demons, come, the king of demons

Hey, the king of demons, Come, properly, the enemy of gods, the night-walking crooked, do not have any foul thoughts – forever

Enjoying you would leave – do not have any such thoughts – you illhearted demon