O Narada, great sage, good-natured

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Ravana greets Sage Narada, the son of Brahma, pays obeisance to him, offers him a seat and spoke to him with folded hands.
Ravana: (Narada mahamune)
O Narada, great sage, good-natured
without delay I bow at your feet.
Where are you coming from, tell me,
the news about Indra didn’t you hear?
My mighty son took Indra captive in battle
and brought him here, it’s a fact
Since Brahma himself came and pleaded
I unchained and released him.
Is there any enemy in this world bold 
enough to challenge me to war?
You roam about freely in all the seven worlds,
O son of Brahma, please tell me the truth.