Please come near, my dear

Story Play (Attakkatha): 


In the lovely evening as parrots and cuckoos sang sweetly, the beautiful Queen Dussala was sitting in the garden in grief.  Her husband, Jayadratha, the valorous king appeared and told her thus in a sweet, romantic mood;


Please come near, my dear, oh! one with honeyed lips.

Dear (you are the) embodiment all fine qualities, why are you annoyed?

Your face, always like the bright morning sky.

Now for what reason, is it disturbed and cloudy? 

This is the (evening) time to enjoy in the majestic garden with sweet love talk. 

My dear, please do not waste it, please tell me what the problem is?


Stage Features: 

Jayadratha’s Thiranottam
( Kathi Vesham - Stylized Entry into the stage )