You fool! What happened to your great prowess?

Story Play (Attakkatha): 


After hearing his wife’s sobbing words from inside the labour room, the Brahmin was devastated and fainted. Just as a fire stoked by wind, the Brahmin rose up blinded by fury and condemned Arjuna in the strongest of terms.


You fool! What happened to your great prowess?

what’s the use of your strong and beautiful

house of arrows, you pretender?


O Pandava, again and again I warned you

pointedly not to get involved in this

and not to be adventurous,

but you never listened.

Now because of your bloated pomposity

even the dead body of my son is

not to be seen, you imposter.


Now why are you standing there and looking

distressed with hands on your tummy?

even if you jump into the fire

will my son be saved?

O the son of thousand-eyed Indra,

give up your cruel assistance,

go back to Dwaraka,

eat well and live happily, you fraud.