Salutes to you, O Brahmin, forgive me



After prostrating before Lord Vishnu, the Ocean of Mercy, and collecting all the Brahmin’s boys, Arjuna boarded the chariot with Krishna, returned to earth, reached the Brahmin’s home with a sense of accomplishment, clasped his hands humbly and spoke to the Brahmin and returned his sons to him.



Salutes to you, O Brahmin, forgive me

with God’s blessings I found your sons


The pointed barbed words you uttered when 

in great despair hurt me so badly

Arjuna, my friend


Arjuna, my friend, don’t be angry

you are dying for no reason

I am going to accomplish

whatever you have set your mind on


Don’t be sad, all the Brahmin’s

blessed boys are safe and

living with no distress at all,

let’s go and bring them


Enough of what you said


Enough of what you said, enough of this disgrace

I have had enough; I dropped your

name and boasted about it

enough is enough, I have decided!


A Brahmin weighed down with the loss of his son

heaped abuses on you

and yet you didn’t utter a single word in reply

what a disgrace this!


For a Kshatriya on this earth

it's better to embrace death

than see subjects being insulted

This is the play of destiny! Wonder! Wonder!



Arjuna, after listening to Indra and returning from the heavens, searched all over the world for the sons of the Brahmin and failing to find them realises Krishna is subjecting him to a test and decided to jump into the fire and end his life.


This is the play of destiny! Wonder! Wonder!

A boy dies but the God of Death isn’t aware

These are bad times for Vijaya.


Now what shall I do! I will enter the fire

You fool! What happened to your great prowess?



After hearing his wife’s sobbing words from inside the labour room, the Brahmin was devastated and fainted. Just as a fire stoked by wind, the Brahmin rose up blinded by fury and condemned Arjuna in the strongest of terms.


You fool! What happened to your great prowess?

what’s the use of your strong and beautiful

house of arrows, you pretender?


O Pandava, again and again I warned you

pointedly not to get involved in this