Salutes to you, O Brahmin, forgive me

Story Play (Attakkatha): 


After prostrating before Lord Vishnu, the Ocean of Mercy, and collecting all the Brahmin’s boys, Arjuna boarded the chariot with Krishna, returned to earth, reached the Brahmin’s home with a sense of accomplishment, clasped his hands humbly and spoke to the Brahmin and returned his sons to him.



Salutes to you, O Brahmin, forgive me

with God’s blessings I found your sons


The pointed barbed words you uttered when 

in great despair hurt me so badly

I left soon to Yama’s abode and Heaven

but could not find your children there


Failing to find your sons in all three worlds

I was about to leap into the fire and die

when the mischievous, merciful Krishna

came and took me to Vishnu’s abode.


Near the Supreme Being on his bed of snake

were your happy sons; we took them

and returned here, O Blessed Brahmin,

and your wife, please look here


Here is the eldest, here is the second son

the virtuous third, innocent fourth and the fifth

O Fortunate Soul, I am giving you all your ten sons

please forget your sorrows and accept them.