Lord Siva, please protect me always

Story Play (Attakkatha): 


The innocent Pandavas, after they were cheated in a game of dice, were banished into the forest for 12 years. Arjuna, after taking leave of his beloved wife, set out in the northerly direction while chanting prayers to Lord Siva.

Lord Siva, please protect me always

O Destroyer of Cupid! O Lord!!

Please be merciful and wipe off

the misery caused by our enemies

O God who is revered by all on earth

The wicked Kouravas, the sons of Dhritharashtra,

cheated us and sent us into the forest

O Siva, the destroyer of Kamadeva, glory to you!

O Lord of Kailas, the husband of Goddess Parvati,

protector of all the worlds, please

end my woes and take care of me too.



Stage Features: 

Arjuna reaches the banks of River Ganga, surveys the place and decides this is the ideal spot for his penance. Arjuna goes on to remove his dress, takes bath, wears dress made from the bark of trees, smears ashes on his body and starts his penance.

The actor may also essay a segment called "sikhineesalabha" which is meant to portray peaceful surroundings. This segment involves showing moths which had fallen into the fire regaining life and flying out, a deer cub suckling a lioness, and arch enemies snake and mongoose living together in perfect harmony.