Who is this brazenly approaching

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Dakshan, after listening to the words of Indra, desired to see Lord Siva and happily proceeded to Mount Kailas. Seeing Daksha approach, the great Nandikeswara thought thus.

Who is this brazenly approaching
this mountain abode of Siva?
To come to Siva’s presence even
Brahma seeks my permission
Is this Vishnu or Varuna or Indra?
Or Vaishravana or the God of Fire?
This most noble man is none of the above
as I am familiar with all of them
This man is full of pride since
he basks in immeasurable luxury
The mountain abode of the Lord
is unapproachable for vain people
This is Brahma’s son Dakshan
walking in here full of ego
the vain pride growing in his mind
I will extinguish, no doubts about it
O Sankara, O Siva, O Lord
I bow at your feet