Thus Hanuman sat on the branches

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Thus Hanuman sat on the branches of  the Shimshipa tree, overwhelmed with sorrow. At that time, when almost  three fourth of the night was over, a debauched Ravana, dressed in all  splendour, came near Sita and told her  thus: 


Stage Features: 
Ravana’s Entry
Ravana sits with Mandodari hugging her.  Suddenly Ravana thinks about Sita and has myriad emotions like reminiscences,  happiness, sorrow etc.. This fluctuation  happens rpeatedly 
His dejection continues and feels like it’s  so scorching.Ravana  Thalam : Thriputa, onnamkalam. 
I am unable to bear this heat. 

What is the reason? Is it due to the rays of Sun falling on my body?

Hey guard (Varshavaran), I have chased  the Sun out of Lanka long back. Why has he come back again? No,  this is not the Sun.

Then who is this?

Oh, is this the moon, whom I have given  permission to move around fearlessly ?

Why do the rays of this full moon generate  such heat? Let me ask him.

Hey  Moon … Hey  Moon … (On receiving no response) Hey moon, are your ears broken? (Seeing that the moon has responded) Your  cool rays mixed with dew drops when  falling on a debauched me are like a shower  of burning coal ? Why? Oh, this is not due to the moon. Is it the Cupid’s (Kamadeva) effect ?

No. Then who ? Oh, understood.

This is the effect of the sorrowful Sita,  daughter of King Janaka.

Then let me go to Sita

Thalam : Thriputa, randam kalam

(To Prahastha) Oh minister, please show  me the way to Ashoka vanika.

(Thalam : Thriputa. Valam thala)

Ravana enters Ashoka Vanika with the  feeling of reminiscences and dejection. Seeing Sita, Ravana expresses wonder,  eroticism, horripilation and dejection.

(Thalam : Thriputa, onnam kalam)

Alas! She is sitting in such a wonderful  place and thinking of Rama’s hermitage in the forest and feeling sad.

How can I change her mind? Yes, understood. (Thalam : Thriputa, onnam kalam)

Oh Sita, why do you think about Rama and feel sad like this? 

Haven’t you heard? Rama is a human equivalent to an insect.

He was sent out from his kingdom on exile Not only that,  he wears barks of trees and lives in the forest 

But me…. I have killed many worthy people and married them off to heavenly beauties.

So even the heavenly beauties praise me Oh beautiful lady, look at these kalpavrukshas (divine trees). You cannot 

find them anywhere other than the banks of the Devaganga. 

I brought them to the earth from heaven.

I did not steal them from the heaven; nor 

did I beg Indra for them.

While Indra was watching, I uprooted 

them courageously and brought them.

Oh Sita. If you join me, you can 

–have bath in river Ganga daily

–do deva pooja with the flowers of kalpavruksha

–enjoy in the Kailasa or in the  Nandanodyana (the garden in the  heaven) as you like Please come

Thalam : Thriputa, onnam kalam

Oh beauty, while I have come dressed   in  all splendour and  am proposing to you,  

you are not even looking at me once.

Ravana Thalam : Thriputa, onnam kalam

Hey Brahma, you have created her with  all the special material available.

But why did you make her heart of  stone?

Hey Cupid (Kamadeva) , with your five  arrows, you have wounded my body Can’t you send one arrow to her?

Her mind is not swaying one bit

What else can I do ? Ladies normally have passion for ornaments and dresses.  So I will give her a lot of those and please  her.

Hey my  servant , please bring those  special ornaments and clothes quickly

Thalam: Thriputa, randam kalam - Atantha vattam

Gives ornaments and clothes one by  one….

(In order to win Sita’s heart, he makes them say loudly that those ornaments were collected when he conquered heaven, when he defeated Vaishravana etc)

Thalam : Champata

Now let me tell her some attractive  words and make her happy


Imaginative enactments: