O jewel among girls, Malini


After repeated requests from Keechaka, Sudeshna one day decided to send Panchali (Malini) to her brother to fetch some liquor, and sweetly spoke to her.
O jewel among girls, Malini, come here,
with a face to rival the moon, O friend, hear my words.

Since you reside at my home every day and night,
days seem like moments, and most joyful to me.

Today I am going to tell you one wish 

O brother, hear my words

O brother, hear my words,
O virtuous leader and diplomat
This is not a good move, please understand, 
don’t talk like this sans any shame, O great one.

She has five gandharvas as her husbands,
don't be blind to that; don't invite trouble

O sister, the noblest of queens

Thinking that with the help of his sister (Sudeshna) he will be able to make this beautiful lady (Malini) submissive, Keechaka told Sudeshna. 
O sister, the noblest of queens,
at your lotus-feet I bow respectfully.
Because of that gorgeous Malini
Cupid has won over me 

Many a time I conveyed my desire to her
but her mind is rock hard, O god!!

The respectful words that you spoke

The respectful words that you spoke
are not proper, you wicked fellow
Beware that desire in other women
will be the cause of grief
Long ago Ravana was bewitched on
seeing Sita and kidnapped her;
Rama found out his trickery,
took his bow, crossed the sea 
and in no time killed him
This is no lie; I have five cupid-faced

O Malini, good-natured lady

On seeing the ravishingly beautiful daughter of the King of Panchala, Keechaka, the mighty brother of the Queen of Virata, was driven by lust and said thus.
O Malini, good-natured lady, please listen to me
from now on your woes are over, O noblest among beauties
O blessed woman, please do not thrash me today with
your eyebrows that rival Cupid's arched bows