O, dark-tressed beauty

Thus Valala passed that night consoling Malini. The next night he went and hid in the dance hall and waited for Keechaka just as a lion would lie in wait for an elephant. At that time, Keechaka, blinded by his lust for Malini and driven by the unseen hand of the God of death, came there and happily spoke thus.
O, dark-tressed beauty, petite woman, haven't you seen me?
Why are you silent? Have you fallen asleep?

Enough, enough you moon-faced

Enough, enough you moon-faced, don’t be sad
You remain strong and confident
I am going to kill him in due course
I have killed cruel demons such as Jatasura
and this is no big deal for me.
is it hard for the wind that fells trees
to blow away cotton?
Yet today I must not defy
the words of Yudhishtira

O my kind husband, please protect me

Panchali, who was repeatedly consoled by her husband Yudhishtira, with a broken heart and thinking of the kicks she suffered at the hands of Keechaka, came near Valala (Bheema), who is sleeping in the kitchen in the night, and spoke to him tearfully.
O my kind husband, please protect me 
O my kind husband.

That cruel villain Keechaka's
desires I refused to fulfill;

On hearing Queen Sudeshna's words

On hearing Queen Sudeshna's words the doe-eyed Malini was stunned. Her eyes watered and she was depressed. She tried some excuses and raised some objections but was rebuffed by the queen with harsh words.
Malini, the sad celestial beauty, bowed her head, ashamed that she is the subject of ridicule as a maid. Bathed in sweat and tears she looked forlorn.