O good-natured Brahmin


O good-natured Brahmin, please hear my words


Haven’t you heard of Arjuna who

brings joy to even those in heaven?


I am not Krishna, neither am I Balarama

I am not from the Vrishni clan either

I am Jishnu with the divine weapons, the son of Indra,

mighty, victorious, prudent and generous.


Having beaten even Lord Siva in war,

is there a need to fear the God of death

Enough of these tears



Even after hearing this sad story from the Brahmin, Lord Krishna, the protector of this world, or his brother Balarama or other Yadava princes said nothing. Then Arjuna went to the Brahmin and spoke thus.



Enough of these tears,

O Brahmin, my good man


The next son that will be

born to you I will protect


It’s the duty of Kshatriyas to end the woes

Alas! O God! what shall I do?



As Krishna and Arjuna stayed happily together in Dwaraka, a Brahmin suffered the deaths at birth of his eight children in eight years. When the ninth son also died, the Brahmin came to the royal court with the dead body of the infant and wailing loudly spoke thus.

Alas! O God! what shall I do?

Alas! Who is there to help me?


There is no peace in all the worlds

for a man with no sons, it’s certain, O God