How are you my friend Suyodhana (Kim bho Suyodhana Sakhe)

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Entering the ornate courtroom of the Pandava palace, Duryodhana mistakes the floor for a pool and a pool for floor, at which Bheema laughs aloud and speaks thus.
How are you my friend Suyodhana, 
the ocean of valour
Shed your confusion fast, come here
and you may occupy this throne 
Alas! Why are you walking with your robes raised
when there is no water?
Did this unmatched, unblemished and jewel-paved
floor mislead you into thinking it’s a pool?
Oh! Did you fall into the water? 
Have no fears, you won’t die
Shed your fears and take my hand,
without any harm I will lift you to the ground.


Stage Features: 

Duryodhana and brothers entering the court room