Oh daughter of King Panchala

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
One of those days which was favourable for lovers, in the forest among the beautiful creepers, the son of Wind (Vayu), in a romantic mood, told thus to his wife….
Oh daughter of King Panchala
Oh lotus-eyed one and the abode of Kamadeva*
Continously you traverse in the forest –
due to that don't be disheartend.
Creepers after creepers – walking through them,
having absorbed the fragrances of the flowers gently,
swinging  filled with happiness,
a smooth breeze is coming.
Hey, the cuckoo-like singing one,
Here, hey Oh virtuous lady,
A bit of play we shall do, without any worries-
Hey bird-voiced, come to the mount valley.
Your eyes have won over the beautiful eyes of
a deer, which keeps moving out of fear.
Kamadeva* - God of Love, cupid.
Stage Features: 

Bheema and Panchali enter in embrace, in one rhythmic cycle called “Kitathikidheem Tha” of the lowevst order, at the end of which, Panchali is slowly separated.
After enacting padam and last double faceted culmination comes to a close, Bheema holds hand gesture named “deer-head”.