Hail! Hail, the one rich with penance

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Dharmaputra, naturally an initiator, along with his guru (Dhaumya) who was already present, approached the the one deployed by foe, and spoke thus with enclosed palms.
Hail! Hail, the one rich with penance, great-minded –
Now, my birth has borne fruit – by the sight of you.
For now, all my miseries  have been eliminated, and – 
I was blessed even before, certainly
would be for good – this visit of yours.
Hey, the one borne from a Siva, noble-minded,
to remove my sins, Hey, on your lotus feet,
I bow, hey the ocean of kindness!


Stage Features: 

Dharmaputra greets Durvasaa and pays homage to and receives blessings from himin a space of one “Kitathikidheem Tha” cycle