Hey the crown of Rakshasas

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
While charming his companion with a variety of passionate acts and while retiring to satisfied relaxation, a messenger deputed by Vaishravana, came near him and conveyed in all humility
Hey the crown of Rakshasas, Listen, the message of the king of kings,
without hesitation, hey the valorous!
The words that came out meticulously from him, I shall convey that
In total self dedication to Lord Siva,
after relinquishing Lanka, and by His kindness, happily
Without any worries, am I living. 
In order to sove wordly worries,
dependence on Lord Shiva’s feet is essential always.
With the power of your arms, you are ridiculing the entire world.  Not only that,
you even kidnapped other’s wives,  Such acts-
to cross this world, an ocean, your deeds are detrimental,
and those are extremely sinful.  Stop this cruelty to people
That you want even the Lords of Heaven under your control
and for that the blessings of Lord Braham would suffice – this is your egotism
(This pride) would all end if you resort to
troubling the devotees of Lord Shiva and there is no remedy for it