Hey, the king of Rakshasas

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Just as if a pearl shining in an absolutely blue cornshell, she assumed the facial expression and shivering in fear, with bowed head and closed palms, spoke thus:
Hey, the king of Rakshasas, release me,
appropriately now and listen to my words.
The one with all good qualities,
son of Vaishravana (lord of wealth) is my lover today,
know that, Oh! What could I do!!
Am like the wife of your son, now, to me,
please don’t behave like this. 
Hey, the true kind hearted,
do not resort to inappropriate acts with me.  Oh! What I could I do?
My breasts shall be embraced
by the son of Vaishravana. 
Day after day, we have different lovers –
such is our chastity, if you think, Oh! What could I do?
I appeal on your feet, let me go-
to the son of Vaishravana. 
The time at which I shall join with him-
has passed, Oh! What could I do!!