Mukunda, the enemy of demons, to see him...

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
The noble brahmin told his wife thus and after performing the morning rituals in order, started his journey. He bathed in the ocean of devotion towards Krishna and became eager with happiness. During the journey, he saw auspicious omens and continued walking to Dwaraka ,where the beloved of Goddess Lakshmi resides.
Brahmin while he was walking alone to see Mukunda, the enemy of demons, thought thus.
“I am going to see the handsome Krishna who is bliss incarnated.
 How long I have been desiring to see the Lotus-eyed.
After parting from the teacher’s hermitage I did not see the blackish one.
Will the universal master Krishna forget me , this rural brahmin?
But as he is merciful to brahmins he will honour me. "