Sudama is the real name


Oh my beauty! These are wonderful in nature.

Wearing ornaments enthusiastically, the Brahmin lady came out along with friends. She approached her husband who was standing wonderstruck. Along with him, she entered the house and prostrated before him. After she sat on the beautiful coat, the brahmin told her thus:
"Oh my beauty! These are wonderful in nature.
The mercy of Sree Krishna, whose vehicle is Garud, gave us immense and unending wealth.

Oh, the lotus-eyed one!

"Oh, the lotus-eyed one! Due to your compassion, I am the most satisfied person.
This poor brahmin was treated by you in the grand palatial building.
Rather I am lucky, nothing else can be told.
Until my death and reach your feet, let you give me the ultimate devotion to you,
Oh the one who cannot be described or qualified in words! Now I am going home.
My wife is waiting for my return. Let us unite again please."

The unbeatable Lord! Madhava Vishnu!

"The unbeatable Lord! Madhava Vishnu! be victorious, you are adored by Bhrama and others.
Oh, the charioteer to Arjuna!  let this poor brahmin tell something to you.
Meeting with sacred persons is auspicious but rarely occurs.
Oh Balabhadra’s brother! Many days passed since-
I had been wishing to meet you, I am not joking at all.
Due to one or other routine problems my wish remained unaccomplished. 

Thinking thus the brahmin treaded on happily..

Thinking thus the brahmin treaded on happily to see Hari. He passed cities. Paused here and there.
His mind hovered at the luminance of the dust of Krishna's feet, who is the foe of Madhu.
The brahmin saw many dwelling houses in the midst of ocean. Mind eagerly enjoyed in full capacity.
The charm of the walls, lustre of the windows with gems periphery, all became visible.
He saw the shops, Yadava’s houses and many other houses also.

Mukunda, the enemy of demons, to see him...

The noble brahmin told his wife thus and after performing the morning rituals in order, started his journey. He bathed in the ocean of devotion towards Krishna and became eager with happiness. During the journey, he saw auspicious omens and continued walking to Dwaraka ,where the beloved of Goddess Lakshmi resides.
Brahmin while he was walking alone to see Mukunda, the enemy of demons, thought thus.

The Lotus eyed! Oh my wife

"Oh my wife! The Lotus eyed! What you told is truth only.
To see Krishna, the charioteer of Arjuna,I am going tomorrow. As wealth leads to quarrel only, covet not for it. 
The seeing of Sree Krishna, having hair of clouds colour, itself leads us to salvation, I think my dear.
When seeing the master of Universe we should place some offering before him. Oh my full moon-like shining faced one! Do not have any hesitation.