After we parted from teacher's hermitage..

"After we parted from teacher's hermitage,
 don't you perform Samavartanam* soon?
 Aren't you married ? You are living happily, aren't you?
 That is enough, I am quite hungry. I see something at your armpit, what is it?
One need not be shy in matters of food.
People tease me as a ravenous eater! ? It is quite true also."
Samavartanam* :  (end of education brahmas area and be ready for marriage)

The unbeatable Lord! Madhava Vishnu!

"The unbeatable Lord! Madhava Vishnu! be victorious, you are adored by Bhrama and others.
Oh, the charioteer to Arjuna!  let this poor brahmin tell something to you.
Meeting with sacred persons is auspicious but rarely occurs.
Oh Balabhadra’s brother! Many days passed since-
I had been wishing to meet you, I am not joking at all.
Due to one or other routine problems my wish remained unaccomplished. 

The noble minded brahmin! prostrating before you

Krishna made Kuchela to sit on the bed of Goddess Lakshmi and performed the normal worships (poojas) to adore Kuchela and smeared the chandana. In his beautiful voice he told Kuchela.
"Oh, the noble minded brahmin! I am prostrating before you.
Your benevolent act of coming to see me gives immense joy.
The virtuous you are! Did you suffer any difficulty during the journey?

Thinking thus the brahmin treaded on happily..

Thinking thus the brahmin treaded on happily to see Hari. He passed cities. Paused here and there.
His mind hovered at the luminance of the dust of Krishna's feet, who is the foe of Madhu.
The brahmin saw many dwelling houses in the midst of ocean. Mind eagerly enjoyed in full capacity.
The charm of the walls, lustre of the windows with gems periphery, all became visible.
He saw the shops, Yadava’s houses and many other houses also.

Mukunda, the enemy of demons, to see him...

The noble brahmin told his wife thus and after performing the morning rituals in order, started his journey. He bathed in the ocean of devotion towards Krishna and became eager with happiness. During the journey, he saw auspicious omens and continued walking to Dwaraka ,where the beloved of Goddess Lakshmi resides.
Brahmin while he was walking alone to see Mukunda, the enemy of demons, thought thus.

Oh my husband the merciful! I worship your feet

Hearing her husband's words, the wise lady prepared flakes of rice with the paddy which is a mixture of small stones, mud too, that she got begging house to house in that night itself. Holding it she approached her husband and told with utmost devotion.

"Oh my husband the merciful! I worship your feet.
The offering to the lotus- eyed Sree Krishna may please be accepted.
Taking the flakes of rice with stone and mud,