The Lotus eyed! Oh my wife

"Oh my wife! The Lotus eyed! What you told is truth only.
To see Krishna, the charioteer of Arjuna,I am going tomorrow. As wealth leads to quarrel only, covet not for it. 
The seeing of Sree Krishna, having hair of clouds colour, itself leads us to salvation, I think my dear.
When seeing the master of Universe we should place some offering before him. Oh my full moon-like shining faced one! Do not have any hesitation. 

Oh, the abode of goodness! listen to me

At that time there was a Brahmin named Kuchela, who studied along with Sree Krishna in the hermitage of Sandeepani, a saint. 
He was very poor and never thought of acquiring wealth. One day his chaste wife puzzled by their extreme poverty, accompanied by her children approached him and spoke as follows.
"Oh, the abode of goodness! listen to me, husband,The friend to the foe of Malla!