The Lotus eyed! Oh my wife

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
"Oh my wife! The Lotus eyed! What you told is truth only.
To see Krishna, the charioteer of Arjuna,I am going tomorrow. As wealth leads to quarrel only, covet not for it. 
The seeing of Sree Krishna, having hair of clouds colour, itself leads us to salvation, I think my dear.
When seeing the master of Universe we should place some offering before him. Oh my full moon-like shining faced one! Do not have any hesitation. 
Anything such as flour, flower, flakes of rice, horse, elephant or fruit will do. We can give him anything according to our ability but with sincerity and devotion.Oh my Lotus eyed one!
The Almighty who is the foe of Malla, likes everything.Hence my beauty! Please give anything from the above said.
Oh my beloved! Lord Krishna is omnipresent and saviour of the universe. Nobody should set out from his house without anything in his hand. "