The unbeatable Lord! Madhava Vishnu!

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
"The unbeatable Lord! Madhava Vishnu! be victorious, you are adored by Bhrama and others.
Oh, the charioteer to Arjuna!  let this poor brahmin tell something to you.
Meeting with sacred persons is auspicious but rarely occurs.
Oh Balabhadra’s brother! Many days passed since-
I had been wishing to meet you, I am not joking at all.
Due to one or other routine problems my wish remained unaccomplished. 
Oh the blue cloud coloured one! Eyes equaling the tender petals of lotus! And incarnated as the lion.
With your grace, I am able to smear up the mud which is lustrous with your feet.
The foe of Sisupala! My life became fruitful. Nothing else can be said by this brahmin.
My heart likes your stories. Even Anantha will be in dilemma to describe your stories.
To people like me who are emerged in your worship, happiness only will be there.
There is no argument about it. Never feel sad.
Oh the leader of Yadavas! When I think of you my happiness grows.
Be benevolent, oh the person with Garuda in the mast!, to me. "