The noble minded brahmin! prostrating before you

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Krishna made Kuchela to sit on the bed of Goddess Lakshmi and performed the normal worships (poojas) to adore Kuchela and smeared the chandana. In his beautiful voice he told Kuchela.
"Oh, the noble minded brahmin! I am prostrating before you.
Your benevolent act of coming to see me gives immense joy.
The virtuous you are! Did you suffer any difficulty during the journey?
What shall I do for you? Aren’t you doing well?
Long time since we met.
Oh brahmin! As I sprayed the holy water which washed your feet I am satisfied.
isn't it well said in books that association with a good human being equals bathe in holy water?
Don't you forget our studies of Veda lessons at Saint Sandeepani?
One day, wife of our scholarly teacher asked us to get firewood from the forest. Do you still remember it?
While we were collecting pieces of wood in the forest it was dusk.
Moreover an unexpected rain poured and it was dark all over.
We were tired and entered a creeper made hut. Don’t you remember?
Due to the ghostly torrent that sweeped we shivered with fear,
with our hands interlocked and embraced each other to survived the night.
As we did not return the previous day, at the dawn the Saint came in search of us-
and we with the bundle of firewood on our head went to his hermitage.
As we unloaded the wood the gratified saint blessed us with gratitude.
Other than the Teacher's blessing what else we want?"