Atantha 14 mathras


O brother, hear my words

O brother, hear my words,
O virtuous leader and diplomat
This is not a good move, please understand, 
don’t talk like this sans any shame, O great one.

She has five gandharvas as her husbands,
don't be blind to that; don't invite trouble

O sister, the noblest of queens

Thinking that with the help of his sister (Sudeshna) he will be able to make this beautiful lady (Malini) submissive, Keechaka told Sudeshna. 
O sister, the noblest of queens,
at your lotus-feet I bow respectfully.
Because of that gorgeous Malini
Cupid has won over me 

Many a time I conveyed my desire to her
but her mind is rock hard, O god!!

Oh! Narada, I bow to you and seek your blessing

Pleased with the noble way king Nala ruled his kingdom, Venerable Rishi Narada paid him a visit with all his divine wisdom.
Oh! Narada, I bow to you and seek your blessing.
Thanks to your visit, my humble dwelling has been purified and made pristine,
Are you coming from the abode of Vishnu, or from the realms of the divine?  
My heart is now filled with joy much like how the night Lily feels on the full moon rise.

Words – Such as this



Arjuna, the valorous, was rendered with hatred towards Urvashi, the one desirous of mating with anyone, speaking inappropriate things again and again, the ignoble, and the one would be a reason for repentence

Words – Such as this – you speak you spoke – is not proper, please know that

Inappropriate acts – are not good – in vain, Oh!

The swans – would they – except lotus trunks – long for Hornwort plants (a wild plant)

Alas! Elephant – woult it with to get a deer – tell me, you