Hey king, I have not followed the formalities

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Exhibiting sharp eyes, and insulting like this again again Bheema continued.  He was observed by the exhausted old monkey (Hanuman) and the latter spoke thus to Bheema.
Hey, king, I have not followed the formalities 
Please do not be angry about that, hey king.
By old age,  I am unable to walk and  tired –
I stay here for long you be please informed
None among men does walk through this way–
hey valorous, please know that.
Even gods would be annoyed, if anyone walk,
hey noble one, aptly return to your kingdom. 

Stage Features: 

Bheema, performs a circulation stepping along the sloka verse. Hanuman, lying, enacts padam set to Neelambari Ragam and Atantha cycle of 14 beats per segment