Hey lotus eyed


Hey lotus eyed, how could I tell my grievances so freely?

Hey the one equal to the lord of love for ladies, you kindly remove my sorrow, without delay

If you do not show mercy on me, by you, the lord of love would kill me by his arrows of flower


Hey, the one equal to the lord of love



Hey, the one equal to the lord of love, you—

And, who are these?

Who are you and who are these?

In this horrible forest, you have come – what’s the reason, hey, lotus eyed?

What’s the reason, hey, lotus-eyed?

A crooked demon by the name Hidimban, stays in this forest

Now, listen properly, I am his sister, called Hidimbi

I’ve come here to kill you and am being killed by the lord of love (have been influenced by the lord of love)


Hey brother, the valorous one


Hey brother, the valorous one, may not the anger overcome you, hey the lamp of humanity and son of Wind God!!

Hey the lamp of humanity and son of the Wind God 

Do not engage in act of cowardice without thought, boy, for adventures are the abode of dangers

Adventure is also the abode of dangers


Hey elder brother, depute me now


Hey elder brother, depute me now, without delay, to destroy they, hey pure hearted one

The crooked Duryodhanan – Considering what he has done, the fire of anger is burning within me, hey the grand son of Sun (Dharmaputra’s father – Yama is the son of Sun God)

In utmost rage, shaoo I go and dispatch the sons of Dhritharashtra to the land of death – Today itself

Alas! I was bound (by rope) and pushed into the river Ganges – Thinking about that – would I be able to pardon them?

Having said so


Having said so and after the miner has left to construct the cavern, suddenly Bheema frantically showed signs of ultimate fury and with club clinging spoke thus