O revered monkey, do not grieve

O revered monkey, do not grieve
Bharata the noble king of Ayodhya 
had sent envoys to all regions
and I, Rama, am one among them
To protect dharma and destroy evil
is our mission as ordered by the king
Sons and brothers are equal in status
yet you stole your son’s wife
O son of Indra, that is why I killed you
please understand, you noble monkey

O son of Brahma, O good-natured

O son of Brahma, O good-natured
Nurse no ill-will from now on.
All this misfortune came about
because of your heightened arrogance

Now you may forget all your sorrows
and live happily as you wish.
Let your glory spread till the sun and moon live
With Siva’s blessings let everything end well.

Victory to you, O Sankara

Victory to you, O Sankara, we bow at your lotus feet
I am at your service, please order me what to do
Be it demons, gods or humans,
whoever be your enemy in this world
I will capture them all and
bring here right away, you watch me
If I so wish land will become sea,
mountains will become caverns,
earth will become ocean and 

Do not grieve, my dear lotus-eyed

Do not grieve, my dear lotus-eyed
I will bring you joy without delay
O elephant-gaited beauty!
I am always keen to fulfil your wishes,
there is no exception to that
O dark-haired beauty, I kept quiet till now
since I didn’t want to bring sorrow to you
You watch now, I will get him beheaded
Watch him fall like grass amid the fire of Siva’s agents.

O Crescent-crowned, please hear my words

Having listened to her father’s impious words, Sathi returned to Kailasa in haste, prostrated in front of Lord Siva and, with anger, fear and sorrow agitating her mind, spoke thus.

O Crescent-crowned, please hear my words,
my Lord, please forgive me for my insolence
Because I left without listening to your sensible words
I had to suffer all this humiliation, O Lord and Husband

O destroyer of Kamadeva




Arjuna falls on a bed of flowers, is sore all over, shaken and tired. He wakes up and makes a Sivalinga (Siva idol) with mud and starts worshipping it. He is surprised and confused to see that the flowers he offers to the Sivalinga are ending up on the Hunter’s head.

O destroyer of Kamadeva, look at my plight!

O Lord who washes away sins, please grant me death.

O Lord, the flowers that I offered are seen

on the head of a mere hunter,

Ha! your friend is the thief Krishna


Ha! your friend is the thief Krishna

an expert at deception.

The Siva you worship is no less,

a thief who swallows poison,

rides an old bull and resides on a mountain.


[A battle ensues between Arjuna and the Hunter.

As they trade fierce blow after blow the Huntress beckons the Hunter to the side and says (next padam).]