Get lost! Who are you, idiot



Lord Siva, his consort Parvathi, their son Ganapati and others enter in disguise as hunters, cast their nets and hunt animals. At this time, Mookasura, who appears as a pig on orders from Kourava Prince Duryodhana to slay Arjuna, is caught in Siva’s net.

Never, even in my dreams,


Never, even in my dreams, I thought of this meeting. For me who is ill-fated;This gives much relief.

Now I have only one wish; this togetherness must continue forever and peace must prevail.

Let us end this strife forever. No more, never, this war, in this World.


Alas! What news is this?


Alas! What news is this? Her son has also died because of me 

Many mothers whose kids died in war;  many wives who are grief stricken by death of their beloved husbands in War; many women whose kith and kin are lost in the war.  I feel as if these women are surrounding me.

Dear Sister Dussala, please forgive me. It is unbearable that I am the sole cause of all your agony.