Champata 16 mathras


With exposure to mining activities


With exposure to mining activities, am a miner – Kindly know and consider that

Vidura has deployed me

Vidura has sent me here, hey the crown of valorous.  Should this be known to others, it may be harmful

Should this be know to others

(The miner informs that he has to pass some other information and the king asks to deliver without doubt)

This building is fake – to inform this, hey crown of kings, have I come here – please know that

Not with good timber, I consider, but with wax, has this house been built, hey the noble kings!

Who, may I know


Who, may I know, are you and where have you come from?  Come nearer and explain without delay

Come nearer and explain, without delay

Am seeing you without a reason and hence a pleasant surprise is growing within me

Followed by double faceted culmination (Iratty) with the line repeated:

“Is growing within me”


Hey the kings, renounced on the earth



While Yudhishthira was staying in that palace along with brothers such as Bheema, Vidura, having known about the conspiracy of enemies, deployed a miner, who, deciding to act confidentially, told him (Yudhishthira) thus


Hey the kings, renounced on the earth, I bow on you lotus feet; Please guard me!!

I bow on you lotus feet

Filled with joy, I have come here to meet with you all, the virtuous kings

To meet with you all, the virtuous kings


crickets making noise – here

Crickets making noise  here–
my body is shivering – for sure,
we shall return, shall we, friend?
[Lalitha forcefully holds the hand of Panchali.  Panchali struggles,somehow get released and continues.]
Leave, Leave me, you with flickering eyes ,
Cheating me you are – Why? – by telling lies!!


To glance at – so pleasure

Encouraging Panchali by these words, Ganika takes hold of the hand of her, who was keen to worship Durga, entered the thicket spoke thus.
To glance at, so pleasure-giving 
forest – look at it.
Like dark thick cloud, your long curly hair – 
seeing that many beetle come here – and
Hey, beetle-dark haired one, (those beetles) see that,
realizes the blunder and fly away hopelessely.
The bamboos, hear, they play flute –

What to do? Oh! God

Then the Rishi went to take dip in River Ganges eagerly and Panchali, seeing that the devine pot no food left for the day, wept in fear.
What to do? Oh! God!
What to do?
Foodless – this pot has become –
Why has this happened now?
In River Ganges, after taking bath, the great Rishi –
will ask for food  to me without delay  –  what to do then?
In this world amongst ladies – am the most ill-fortuned –