Champata 16 mathras


My dear friend Vijaya



When Lord Krishna was residing at Dwaraka protecting the world, the mighty warrior Arjuna arrived there happily to meet the lotus-eyed lord.

My dear friend Vijaya, wise, virtuous

and resplendent, how are you?

Even the moon that charms the three worlds salutes your

lotus-like face, and seeing that makes it a happy day for me

The brave, revered, polite and generous Yudhishtira

and the valiant Bheema I hope are fine;

O, dark-tressed beauty

Thus Valala passed that night consoling Malini. The next night he went and hid in the dance hall and waited for Keechaka just as a lion would lie in wait for an elephant. At that time, Keechaka, blinded by his lust for Malini and driven by the unseen hand of the God of death, came there and happily spoke thus.
O, dark-tressed beauty, petite woman, haven't you seen me?
Why are you silent? Have you fallen asleep?

O jewel among girls, Malini


After repeated requests from Keechaka, Sudeshna one day decided to send Panchali (Malini) to her brother to fetch some liquor, and sweetly spoke to her.
O jewel among girls, Malini, come here,
with a face to rival the moon, O friend, hear my words.

Since you reside at my home every day and night,
days seem like moments, and most joyful to me.

Today I am going to tell you one wish 

O daughter of the King of Kekaya

O daughter of the King of Kekaya, hear my words
O the beautiful form that heavenly women revere
O the queen among smart women, I am Sairandhri,
the maid of Yajnaseni, the queen of Indraprastha
O dark-haired, my name now is Malini
the vagaries of time duly brought me here
I am an expert in the arts and letters
can I stay with you here?

Hey, sweet voiced

Hey, sweet voiced, I consider this is my-
absolute fortune.
Hey, the crown of all those gorgeous ones,
that’s what has resulted now, considering what happened.
While in search of an unkown medicine,
a treasure string comes to your feet,
and would anyone kick it out ?
Here, come to this shrubbery,
hey cuckoo-voiced and the one with-
the gait of a lustful tusker, now-
to engage in the game of love.

Hey, the king of Rakshasas

Just as if a pearl shining in an absolutely blue cornshell, she assumed the facial expression and shivering in fear, with bowed head and closed palms, spoke thus:
Hey, the king of Rakshasas, release me,
appropriately now and listen to my words.
The one with all good qualities,
son of Vaishravana (lord of wealth) is my lover today,
know that, Oh! What could I do!!
Am like the wife of your son, now, to me,
please don’t behave like this.