Champata 16 mathras


Please listen to my words,Oh great monkey!

Listening to the monkey’s words, Bheema tried to move the tail out of the way, but could not even lift its tip. He lost his courage, felt ashamed and was exhausted. On regaining his wisdom, he spoke thus to the great monkey.
Please listen to my words,Oh great monkey!
Are you Varuna, or Lord Indra himself?
I understand that you are not an ordinary monkey.
Among the animals, no one is as powerful as you.
Soon please tell the truth to me.



Hey, deer-eyed


Hey, deer-eyed, as desired by you,I will bring-

the beautiful Sougandhikam flowers , without delay.
Even if it is on a mountain or even in the heaven,
it is not difficult to satisfy your wish with my valour.





Do not be dim, do not be

Seeing the difficulties that these handsome and peace-minded Pandavas are in due to ill-doings of the sons of Gandhari, Krishna, after receiving the respectful greetings along with Balarama, spoke thus.

Do not be dim, do not be, hey Pandavas
Do not be dim, do not be, hey Pandavas, do not grieve.
Hey the ornament of Bharata ancestry, listen to my words
Others and self – those who differentiate thus –
if such people grieve – that is appropriate.