Champata 16 mathras


Whatever, this is not good for you



Listening to his words, which was not in her favour, as if cheated by the God of Love, that angel, started to utter these words to Arjuna

Whatever, this is not good for you!

Here I am troubled and suffering – For that no kindness for you in me?  Like a rock is you heart, is it?  Yes it is, no doubt about that

You are fighting with Lord Siva, the destructor of god of love, or becoming the friend of Lord Krishna, the father of Lod of Love (Krishna is the father of Pradyumna, supposedly the incarnation of Kamadeva)

Hey, the crown-gem of moon dynasty


Hey, the crown-gem of moon dynasty, I am Lord Indra’s charioteer – please know that in mind

With thickened happiness, (He) instructed me and hence came here- Please consider that



After the padam, they engage in an exchange of pleasantries.  Arjuna inquires about the heaven.

"The one who is the Lord of gods who receive the sacrifices and who is the husband of Sachee, my father, is he doing well?

Puloma Rishi’s daughter, my mother, Sachee Devi, is she living happily?

Hey, the son of wind-god


Hey, the son of wind-god, listen quickly, my words

By the name Bakan, one demon, is at large here

With foodstuff, you go and kill him.  These miserable ones – you should end

Ending others’ sorrow is the duty of Puru Family.  Do what I say, hey son, Bheema, the crown of Kuru Family, the great one


With due respect, hey mother


Thus consoling the Brahmin and his wife, who were weeping miserably, Kunthi was coming back and she was met by the foe-eliminating Bhim Sen.  The latter, in all respect bowed to his mother and said thus.

With due respect, hey mother, I bow on your pair of feet

I would prepare the food and the son would come with pleasure

What is the matter that you conveyed to the Brahmins in the night.  Leaving out concern, to tell me that, why do you hesitate?


There is demon who lives here


There is demon who lives here.  Daily, in turn, we have to give him one human (to eat)

Hey the pearl amongst ladies, listen to the reason for this grief

Previously, due to fear that he would destroy all people in one go, we had given him a promise with immense sorrow

Hill-heaped cooked rice, 100 pot-fulls of curry and one human – would be given to him on a daily basis – is the assurancee gaven

Today, it is our to give that – For that a human is not available – That is the reason for this sorrow

Dad, I hereby bow on your feet



The one who had the complexion of cloud with long stoud arms, he (Ghatothkacha), raising himself, spoke thus to Bheema, his father


Dad, I hereby bow on your feet, May your mercy be bestowed on me

Your mercy be bestowed on me

Faultless Command – May you issue today – hey pure hearted one, to go with mother


With a lot of noise


With a lot of noise, these beautiful lady cuckoos utter – that is being heard – within creepers, dear one

The utterance is being heard within the creepers

The moutaneous smooth wind is soothing the creepers – look at that – What is appropriate for the time – Command that

What is appropriate for the time – Command that


Hey brother, the valorous one


Hey brother, the valorous one, may not the anger overcome you, hey the lamp of humanity and son of Wind God!!

Hey the lamp of humanity and son of the Wind God 

Do not engage in act of cowardice without thought, boy, for adventures are the abode of dangers

Adventure is also the abode of dangers