Hey, blessed one

The sin-eradicating Krishna appeared before Panchali who was praying with flickering eye, thereby making her happy
Hey, blessed one, the generous daughter of Panchala King,
Listen, hey the liberal one.
To others – telling one’s problems – is a common thing –
so do I think.
Hey, the aristocratic, I hereby speak a grave concern 
Starvation is rendering my heart exhausted,  know that kindly.

What to do? Oh! God

Then the Rishi went to take dip in River Ganges eagerly and Panchali, seeing that the devine pot no food left for the day, wept in fear.
What to do? Oh! God!
What to do?
Foodless – this pot has become –
Why has this happened now?
In River Ganges, after taking bath, the great Rishi –
will ask for food  to me without delay  –  what to do then?
In this world amongst ladies – am the most ill-fortuned –

Hail! Hail, the one rich with penance

Dharmaputra, naturally an initiator, along with his guru (Dhaumya) who was already present, approached the the one deployed by foe, and spoke thus with enclosed palms.
Hail! Hail, the one rich with penance, great-minded –
Now, my birth has borne fruit – by the sight of you.
For now, all my miseries  have been eliminated, and – 
I was blessed even before, certainly
would be for good – this visit of yours.
Hey, the one borne from a Siva, noble-minded,

Hey, Lord who wears horned moon

The arrogant Durvasa, prompted by Duryodhana, along with his disciples, approached the king, immersed in thoughts about Lord Siva.
Hey, Lord who wears horned moon, guard me –
the Lord of Letters, guard me. 
Hey they one whose feets are invoked by– 
the gods such as Indra, guard me.


[Dharmaputra receives Durvasa]