Hey respectable one

Hey respectable one, the very home of all good qualities,
person like you, no another one exists, hey good-hearted.
The compassion within you, the rightful deeds –
they are very appreciable – hey king. 
In order to eliminate your sorrow,
I had exhibited the Sudarshana.
(To Sudarshana)
to kill the sons of Gandhari (Kouravas),
I summond you. And,
this Kunthi’s son himself has become an obstacle to it.

Hey, cloud-skinned, in vain

Though troubled by Kauravas, the one who hates depletion of own family, that Dharmaputhra, decided to lead Krishna to peace and said thus. Minds of noble people are averse to trouble for others.
Hey, cloud-skinned*, in vain, you– 
should not be angry due to this, please.
Should your compassion be with us,
my power can be seen on the foes – hey Krishna.
Hey the enemy destroyer, Lord, yours – 
Sudarshana**, before it blazes the whole world

Hey, Madhava, hail, Krishna, the great!

At that time, The weapon that adorns the right hand of Lord Vishnu and the one like an iron rod and the one who is immersed in blood of proud demons and hence red, and the one who shone like a million suns at the end of the world, and by name “chakram” approached Krishna and praised.
Hey, madhava, hail, Krishna, the great!
Hey Madhava, the killer of demon Mura, the one who  incarnated as a whale,
the one who lifted Mount Mandara, the one who lifted the earth,

PITY! ALAS! The sons of Dhritarashtra


At that time, the one who was shivering in anger, the Supreme Lord, with shaking eye-brows, signaling danger to foes, Krishna spoke these words.


PITY! ALAS! The sons of Dhritarashtra have done–

the crookedness– by hearing that  who could tolerate –



The vicious Duryodhanan came – 

with great envy and tied up (Bheema) and

gave poisoned food,

showed various other cruelties – If one thinks! too much – PITY!


No fault of enimies when, 

kinsmen don't feel shame.

Lotus eyed – hail you

Then, overjoyed at having seen Krishna, the very abode of the whole world, Pandavas such as Dharmaputhra, went to Vasudeva and spoke thus
Hey, Lotus eyed – hail you,
the full-moon faced – Lord, Krishna.
Hey, the one whose ear ornaments adorn the cheeks,
the destroyer of foes, Lord, Krishna
Due to the mis-deeds of Duryodhana,
leaving own native, here we live, hey Lord– 
seeing us, aren't you ashamed !?