Take this sacred vessel

Take this sacred vessel, and which –
Till Panchali eats – as if by mystery–
shall produce food as much as desired –
this would make you happy
[Percussion with Chenda played on the loose end.  Dharmaputra receives the pot in all respect and wonder.  He bows and the Sun-God slowly disappears .
 Dhaumya enters from right, Dharmaputra meets with him and shows him the pot.  The Maharshi blesses and departs

Hail, the one who glow the peak of Mountain

Hail, the one who glow the peak of Mountain,
Hail the one who has powerful glaring rays –
hail you, who is like the wildfire of the forest of grief.
Hey the Sun, kind-hearted, the shining Lord.
The city with royal houses surrounded by huge walls,
after living there, for us, the life here in the forest is not joyful
May that be as it is, Today I have another concern that grows in mind ,
Am conveying that with hope now

Therafter the God of Rays


Therafter the God of Rays, retracted the hot energy waves, presented himself before the the pot of respect and devotion and spoke thus – After all this is the nature of those who follow the right path. 


[With chenda beaten on the loose end, the screen is lowered and sun-god appears. Dharmaputra bows down in utmost respect.]

Consoling the Brahmins


Consoling the Brahmins, the devotees of Lord Vishnu and own wife, heeding to Guru’s advice, that broad-hearted king, properly with enclosed palms, invoked sun-god.


[At the time the screen is drawn at the right cornet to facilitate entry of sun-god.]