What could I do, Oh! God

In the forest filled with lady-lions, Panchali who fell in the trap of Simhika and nence, fearful, cried with utmost faith in her husbands.
What could I do, Oh! God, what could I do
The one who cries in terror – that me –
this carnivore  – before she eats me –
would you appear – hearing the cries – Hey by husbands!
Dharmaputra, the one who who walks in the path of Dharma,
The hand-some, demoness came and
is now ruthlessly taking me away –

That Simhika, the demoness


That Simhika, the demoness, who terrifies even gods with loud roars, who is angered by the killing of her husband, and with enhanced antagony, saying thus, transforming during that dusk time like a huge trunk and with rough hands, lifted that lady-pearl and silently led to far


To let you go soon

To let you go soon –
and to let you enjoy with dear ones –
would I I leave you? 
As the meat of my meal,  I got you with power.
[Lalitha transforms to demoness]
To glance at the most dreadful
 the body of mine – Look at it.



crickets making noise – here

Crickets making noise  here–
my body is shivering – for sure,
we shall return, shall we, friend?
[Lalitha forcefully holds the hand of Panchali.  Panchali struggles,somehow get released and continues.]
Leave, Leave me, you with flickering eyes ,
Cheating me you are – Why? – by telling lies!!


To glance at – so pleasure

Encouraging Panchali by these words, Ganika takes hold of the hand of her, who was keen to worship Durga, entered the thicket spoke thus.
To glance at, so pleasure-giving 
forest – look at it.
Like dark thick cloud, your long curly hair – 
seeing that many beetle come here – and
Hey, beetle-dark haired one, (those beetles) see that,
realizes the blunder and fly away hopelessely.
The bamboos, hear, they play flute –

Drupada King, his lucky daughter I am

Drupada King, his lucky daughter – I am –
you please know that .
Due to ill-fate we stay here, hey lovely –
in this intolerable forest land.
Land-Lord idols – five such people are here –
I am their wife – please know that properly. 
In river Ganges , along with Guru –
after rendering the dusk prayers – they would come back.



The crown garland of aristocratic pedigree

Deciding thus, that demoness, approached Panchali, who was expecting the return of her husband and hence away from them, and spoke this with the intention of kidnapping Panchali
Hey, the one who is the crown garland of  aristocratic pedigree 
 Sweet words – you listen.
My worries are disappear –   in proximity –
hey  the one with beetle-colored mane – Seeing you.
Hey, moon-faced beauty, without any accompaniment –